1. Dr. Coombs,
Thank you for your help--you have been a life saver to me, literally! I recommend you as an excellent counselor.

2. Dr. Coombs was perceptive and sensitive as I expressed myself. I felt that he truly understood my situation and concerns and thus was better able to address my needs. . . . He has been an important influence in my life’s journey.

3. We are writing this letter to express how grateful we are to Dr. Coombs for helping my husband and I thru hard times. We just couldn’t seem to communicate about the kids. Dr. Coombs never took a side; he made us both feel like we were right and that we just had difficulties expressing ourselves. He was full of ideas on how we should do that and they all worked. He is so kind and smart that I would recommend him to everyone for any problem. He is truly a great man.

4. Dr. Coombs helped me to understand events in my past and present in a professional and kind way. I would recommend him to anyone that feels the need to discuss issues with a knowledgeable and concerned counselor. His price per session is very reasonable too. That made counseling even less stressful.

5. Counseling sessions with Dr. David Coombs are conducted in an environment of peace, kindness, and safety. As a client, I felt that he was genuinely interested in helping me become my very best self. He was patient and non-judgmental as I explained my concerns. He also expertly tailored the sessions to best meet my needs. He has helped me recognize and employ positive thought processes that have been so helpful in my life. If you are in need of help, don’t hesitate to contact him.