Counseling sessions for the residents of St. George, UT

It is important to be able to talk about your problems and to seek solutions for them. Counseling sessions provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere where merely naming the issues can provide a mental release. Sometimes, it is important to delve deeper into issues. Whatever you need, I am ready to provide.

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Areas of Expertise After 40+ Years in Private Practice

1. Addictions to alcohol, drugs, stealing       and pornography
2. Pre-marital counseling
3. Marriage counseling
4. Getting the love back
5. Sexual dysfunctions
6. Avoiding divorce
7. Mourning after divorce
8. Grief therapy
9. Victims of sexual or physical abuse
10. Adults molested as minors
11. Post-traumatic stress
12. Depression and anxiety
13. Obsessive/compulsive disorders
14. Eliminating self-defeating behaviors
15. Overcoming anger, victimhood, martyrdom
16. Second marriages
17. Parenting
18. Step parenting
19. Children and adolescent counseling
20. Rape victims
21. Aging
22. Burn-out from performing long-term care
23. Loss of faith
24. Personality disorders
25. Self-esteem
26. Communication skills
27. Conflict resolution
28. Same-sex Attraction

I have worked with people dealing with all areas listed above. Those who progress most in therapy are those who sincerely want help and are open to change. My over-forty years in private practice have been rewarding, satisfying, and educational. I have learned as much from my clients as I trust they have learned from me. I love my work. I love my clients. Give me a call and let’s see what we can do together to achieve wholeness, a sense of peace, and the abundant life. Call me at 435-705-3579.

Remember, the first fifty-minute session is free of charge. Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.